How to clean lightning port on iphone

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asked Sep 8, 2016 by anonymous

Your iPhone will not charge, or does so only interrupted or start charging if you move a little connector? It is a very common problem that happens to any electronic device which almost always has a culprit: the dirt that accumulates in the hollow of the connector.

In the case of the iPhone, specifically models 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, they have the famous Apple reversible connector, also known as Lightning. There are many advantages, however, being so small results in dust, small lint and dirt accumulate inside to the point of completely obstruct copper connectors and thus fail to perform its function: load our iPhone.

IPhone to reload as if it were new just have to clean the connector. In fact, easily we willdetect the problem as dirt is seen with the naked eye. This is what we need to clean the connector:

  • Less than five minutes of our time.
  • A stick, clip ... any tool that is quite thin. Yes, it is important that plastic is not to cause a short circuit.
  • A flexo provide enough light to not break any pin.

Helping a stick go slowly removing dirt to eliminate it completely. Copper connectors are sticking to the back of the phone, ie mainly apply force on the top to not damage the small copper pins.

After cleaning the dirt you can even see the bottom and you'll never hear a slight click when you plug the connector into the iPhone. And this is all, hopefully the problem that the iPhone is not cargase dirt and we can fix it ourselves at home.

Other reasons why you may not charge the iPhone

  • The transformer is broken : the transformer is the small plug to connect to the wall. To check whether it works, you can connect the USB cable to another processor or computer USB port.
  • The cable is broken : it is also possible that the cable is damaged. Normally usually it breaks the connector part because it is the most sensitive. If so, when connected to iPhone'll notice as cargo wring intermittently if the cable or move some position. Ideally ,try another cable to make sure.
  • The iPhone is broken : it is possible that the connector and the electronics part of our iPhone that is responsible for loading has been damaged suddenly or by other causes such as contact with liquids or falls. If you've ruled out the dirt and cable, you should bring mobile service to Apple for repair.

The reality is that the design of the iPhone conducive dirt into the hollow connector insert when we face down in his pocket.

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