How to fix bluetooth connection problems on Lenovo A6010 Plus

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asked Dec 2, 2016 by anonymous
How to fix bluetooth on Lenovo A6010 Plus?

How to fix bluetooth on Lenovo A6010 Plus?

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answered Dec 2, 2016 by anonymous

How to troubleshoot Bluetooth connection problems

More and more Bluetooth devices with which we interact daily, from keyboards, hands-free, localization systems like the one we mentioned recently: Wootch the clock with Bluetooth to keep your children watched: Wootch the clock with Bluetooth to keep your Monitored children, sound systems and soon watches, the list can go on and on, it can not be denied that the stability of Bluetooth connections has improved considerably over the years, even so it is common to have disconnections and some small connection problems , The older the more common devices since some of the improvements in the connection are in the Hardware. The current devices are more stable and it is rare that they show some disconnection.
Common problems with Bluetooth are:

  • - My computer does not recognize a Bluetooth device
  • - My Smartphone can not communicate with the Bluetooth device
  • - Bluetooth transfer is slow
  • - The Bluetooth keyboard is disconnected or operates intermittently
  • - I can not pair or sync my Bluetooth device
  • - My bluetooth device is disconnected.

But what can you do when your devices do not connect or disconnect? Well there are several tips that will happen to you even though there is no definitive solution, these tips can help you avoid disconnections or make the connection.

Bluetooth must be activated: I know, many are going to think that as it is possible that I ask them this, but believe me by distraction or ignorance, I have been touched to see that they have not activated it and that is why the connection is not achieved and the ideal Is to start with the most basic, in the case of smartphones you should see a small icon at the top of the screen, in Laptops, it is very variable depending on the operating system and the add-ons that each brand adds to the computers. Worse the icon to look for is something like this:
This point also applies to the device you want to connect to your Smartphone, to start it must be turned on.

Place the device in pairing mode: If it is the first time you are going to synchronize a Bluetooth device with your Smartphone or Table, you first have to communicate with each other, "Know yourself", to do this you need to perform 2 steps, first on the Device, put it in pairing mode or synchronization, this is usually achieved by pressing several buttons on the device, it is very variable depending on the device, you can check the manual to know which button, if there is only one, there is no lose. Once in pairing mode, you have to ask the Smartphone, Tablet or Lap to find the available devices, when you find it accepts the connection and you probably need to enter a code, if not deployed on your computer could be " 0000 "otherwise you will have to return to the manual, this will achieve the connection of the equipment and you will be able to make use of it.

Compatibility: It may be the case that you are wanting to connect two devices that are not designed to work between them, check the compatibility list of the device to be sure they can connect.

Turn off the device and turn it on again: This often solves the problem, the same applies to the two devices, the Bluetooth device and your Smartphone or Tablet, for the latter, to enter the configuration and disable the Bluetooth or put it into mode Airplane is enough, remember to turn it on again.

Remove the device from the list and add it again: Also a very useful tool, if the connection is made and you have communication problems, it cuts the audio, it cuts the connection, this can help to solve it, it enters the configuration of your Smartphone, Tablet, or Lapto, searches the connected devices and removes the one causing the problem. After this, repeat the pairing process.

Update your Software and Firmware: Many software will notify you when there is an update, but if you have problems and you have not received notification of an update, visit the manufacturer's website, both Software and Hardware to see if there is any software update or Firmware, these updates are usually to troubleshoot performance issues.

Try connecting them at a short distance: You may be trying to set up a sound system that is out of range, try the equipment together, no more than 1 meter, then you will have the opportunity to try more distance.

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answered Nov 17, 2020 by ASHWIN KUMAR
LenovoA6010 Bluetooth not working is on showing hide this is on problem for mobile

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