How to Fix GPS does not work on Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

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asked Apr 27, 2017 by anonymous
How to Fix GPS does not work on Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

How to Fix GPS does not work on Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

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answered Apr 27, 2017 by anonymous

How to solve the problem GPS not working on Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547

The GPS system integrated into Android device is very important because it allows users to access and use "location-based" applications like Google Maps. With this app, users can easily find out their exact location in the map and get directions to find a location and get the assistance needed to navigate in unknown locations. Unfortunately, sometimes problems may arise with GPS. If GPS does not work on Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547 or search for solutions to improve the GPS system on your Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547 .. keep reading below.

Why the GPS does not work?

Here are some causes that may cause the problem of non-operation of the GPS or absence of GPS signal reception.

- The problem may arise if the GPS tracking app is not updated or installed properly on your Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547.

- The app could not be downloaded correctly on Android device perhaps because of signal problems or wi-fi not stable.


Go to the SETTINGS page of your Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro I547 phone and restores the localization settings. Then reboot the device and check whether the GPS now works correctly.


If the above method does not work, there are chances that the application is not installed correctly. Uninstall the app from your phone and go to the Google Play to download and reinstall the app.

Sometimes, these problems arise when the phone searches for the location of the phone via WiFi rather than via satellite settings.

These are two simple solutions to the problem of GPS does not work on Android. Once restored the GPS function you can come back to travel and wander in different locations without the fear of losing you!

 If the above methods do not work to solve the problem of the GPS connection, go to the nearest care center because it is possible that it is a hardware problem (so probllema antenna and a GPS satellite connection).

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