How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Lg G Pad 8.0

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asked Oct 9, 2017 by anonymous
How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Lg G Pad 8.0?

How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Lg G Pad 8.0?

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answered Oct 9, 2017 by anonymous

How to do it in Lg G Pad 8.0?

In Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean we noticed slight improvements for Copy and Paste : we tested directly on Android 4.1.2 and we see that if we put the finger on a phrase of a conversation and Whatsapp a window opens with three options (Copy, Forward and Delete ). We select the first one and go to the conversation where we want to paste it. We put the finger, press and see right away the option to paste.

The process will be different if we go, for example, to a text. Then, when we press, two stops will appear indicating the beginning and end of the text fragment that we want to copy. We put each stop where we want (we also have a small viewer that shows the text increased), and we go to the top bar of the display, where we find the symbol Copy, the same we have in the computer. We touch it and it already indicates that the text has been copied to the clipboard. We will then go to the place where we want to stick it and proceed in the same way that we have detailed before, touching and hitting.

We can also copy and paste a URL, something that is most comfortable when we want to share a website or a link with a contact.. We go to the browser, open the web and then we have in the address window the URL that we want, we place on it and have, then two options: select Cut (scissor symbol) or Copy. Finally, we just have to paste the URL wherever we want (email, chat, ...)

1) Press the finger on the phrase that we want to copy 2) Go to the place where we want to paste it and press 3) It is copied, without having to re-type it

This copy and paste function will give you a lot of play. More than anything, because the time you save us is enormous, and thanks to it you will even communicate more with your friends, since it will not give you laziness to have to retype something that you have sent or a message you want to repeat, this to another user. It simply avoids work.

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