How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Motorola XOOM MZ600

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asked Oct 9, 2017 by anonymous
How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Motorola XOOM MZ600?

How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Motorola XOOM MZ600?

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answered Oct 9, 2017 by anonymous

How to do it in Motorola XOOM MZ600?

Android has infinite options and functions, and each one of them can also give us multiple uses. Let's see here how in our smartphone we also have the function of "Copy and Paste"that we use so much on our computer to handle, especially, texts.

As the way to use this function is the same throughout the system, regardless of what we copy, we will do the first test in an application that we use each day , WhatsApp . To do this, we enter into any conversation of this application.

We will use this as an example of how it is done on Android 2.x:

  • Let's go to a phrase (a message of the conversation) that we want to copy
  • We touch and we press a second on it
  • A small window opens that indicates "Copy"
  • We lift the finger and we can go to the place where we want to paste the selected text to paste it: it can be another Whatsapp conversation, an email, an SMS, the profile of a contact ...
  • We just have to put our finger on the place where we want to stick it and press. We will see that a small window gives us that "Paste" option .

What happens if we want to copy a part of a text? To do this, when we have our finger on the text, we drag until we mark all the fragment that we want to copy, pressing. The rest of the process is identical to the one we have detailed.

That's how simple the process is. A most useful function for when we want, for example, to reproduce a message in another place, to copy a telephone number, the bank account, ... We will no longer have to re-type.

All we have reviewed is how to do it in Motorola XOOM MZ600

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