How to use Lg Stylo 2 as a remote for TV

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How to use your Lg Stylo 2 as a remote controller for your TV

How to use your Lg Stylo 2 as a remote controller for your TV

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This phone does not have an IR blaster.

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Increasingly smartphones are able to do more and more things, among them there acting as a remote control for your TV. It is possible that you did not know, or that you have not tried. In this article I will show you ways to make your smartphone a remote control.

NOTE: it works only is your smartphone has an infrared port. not only works with your TV if not with any electrical appliance that requires a remote control; air conditioners, stereos, projectors ...

Universal applications for your smartphone

If your smartphone has an infrared port, you probably have a native application included for use as a remote control, but you can also look for an alternative to use our smartphone as a remote control, there are several on Google Play.


You can choose from several, it is for example IR Universal Remote or Smart Remote . After downloading, you must slide your finger from left to right, to enter the application databases to choose our brand of TV, cable box or Blu-Ray you want to control. Once selected, the controls appear, and we can choose our favorite chain through our touch screen of our smartphone.

Applications by manufacturers of smartphones for television (only)

If your TV or Smart TV is connected to the Internet is very simple. Manufacturers have different applications through which the smartphone and TV connection that fact on the same network and you can use the phone as a remote control. as it avoids having to download additional applications and seek what is consistent with our model.

If you have a TV in one of these brands, simply download the corresponding application.


SideView TV is the application of the Japanese manufacturer. it will make the normal duties of a remote control, as well as open the TV Guide or control other Sony electronics.


LG TV Remote to control the TV. We can also, through the application, view all content provided by Smart TV.


The other feature Samsung SmartView , we control the TV and all the devices connected to it.


TV Remote 2 , available on Google Play, just use to change channels on TV Panasonic


Philips MyRemote to change channels on your TV.

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