How to fix insufficient storage available error on Alcatel Hero

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asked Nov 20, 2016 by anonymous
How can I fix insufficient storage available error on Alcatel Hero

How can I fix insufficient storage available error on Alcatel Hero

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answered Nov 20, 2016 by anonymous

The most annoying Android bug of all is par excellence the insufficient storage. Currently we have a lot of devices that do not have external memory slot, for which we must think well in their internal capacity before buying them. If we also add that every time we have better cameras and videos and photos take up more and more space, then we can get to the annoying situation of having space available.

This error can affect how the device reacts (arriving to see some slowness even), but also in that there are services that stop working. For example, once we have notification of this issue, Gmail will not sync when there is not enough space. To all this we can add the fact of not being able to update the installed applications ...

To solve this error is enough to free space in the device, so we can:

  • Uninstall apps we do not use
  • Clear the device cache. For this we can go through Settings / Applications, or even use third-party applications.
  • Delete videos and / or photos. Or, failing that, we could move them to the cloud.
  • Use a USB-micro USB memory to pass multimedia files.

If with all this is not enough, maybe for your next device you should think of greater capacity.

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