The TV is not a durable device, but it breaks down less often than smartphones, its lifespan is approximately the same as laptops and PCs. The causes of TV breakdowns are the most diverse. Without physical access to the problem device, it is difficult to say something, so one way or another, you need to carry out preliminary diagnostics. You can do it yourself to find out why the TV does not work, what to do now and whether this problem can be fixed on your own. We will do everything in our power to help you deal with this difficulty.


Common causes of TV breakdowns

There are many reasons why a TV may fail. Again, a lot depends on what exactly does not work as it should: only buttons, does not respond to any actions, or does not start at all.

The most common causes of TV breakdowns:

  • damage to the Smart TV operating system;
  • problems in the power circuit: a problem socket, a damaged cord, a faulty power supply, a breakdown of a resistor on the board, or even a break in the track;
  • failure of the backlight, due to which it seems that the TV does not turn on, but in fact there is a picture, it’s just very dim (this can also include a malfunction of the inverter unit);
  • failure of the signal processing unit;
  • various problems with the matrix and motherboard.

If we talk about the primary sources of TV breakdowns, most likely the problem is understated / overestimated characteristics of the electrical circuit, low-quality components, or revealed defects in the board.

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Basic diagnostics

Before calling the master to repair the TV, you can try to find the cause of the problem yourself. To do this, it is important to understand very precisely what exactly is happening and at what stage the problem appears.

Here is a step by step solution algorithm:

  1. Network connection . How does the TV behave after connecting the wire to the outlet? It should have typical behavior for this TV model. Normally, the red indicator lights up. If this usually happened, but now it doesn’t, then most likely the problem is in the diet.

causes of TV breakdowns

  1. The first seconds after switching on ( if the indicator is working ). Is something going on? If there is no image, you need to see if the screen backlight works. It’s easier to spot in total darkness. Both the backlight unit and the matrix can fail. If the backlight does not work, you should shine a flashlight on the screen, perhaps there is a picture there. This is how we determine the health of the LED backlight on LCD, LED TVs, as well as the matrix itself.
  2. Launch process ( if there is a picture ). What stage does the TV reach and is the process accompanied by some sounds? If the matrix and backlight work normally, it is important to understand at what point the TV turns off after turning it on. If this happens almost immediately, possibly accompanied by sound signals, most likely the problem is in the internal components and a qualified repair is needed. In a situation where it reaches the splash screen and freezes, the failure of the operating system is more likely. If the image on the TV disappeared, read about the reasons at the link indicated a little earlier.

causes of TV breakdowns

  1. After switching on ( if it reaches the desktop ). Do the buttons work, does the TV respond to anything? If not, the problem may be in the operating system or the power supply of the control board.
  2. Checking the image ( if the TV responds to the remote control and buttons on the case ). It often happens that the TV shows in blue. This clearly indicates a breakdown in the signal processing unit. Shades may be different, but more often it is blue.

causes of TV breakdowns

  1. Applications ( if the picture is normal and Smart TV starts ). Is it possible to download any service? If applications do not work, it is almost always possible to state the fact of a system malfunction.
  2. Sound ( if everything else is stable ). There is no sound in any application? Are there system sounds (channel switching, keyboard typing, etc.)? If there is no sound at all, often the problem is in its settings or in the fact that a wireless headset, speakers, soundbar is connected that did not start with the TV. In cases where all the settings are correct and no other devices are connected, the firmware of the board may fail. Sometimes the contact also comes off or the speakers, audio decoder, amplifier or connector break. See why there is no sound on the TV.

There are situations that are not described in the step-by-step diagnostic algorithm. For example, a plasma TV produces some sound after a while after starting, but there is no picture. A typical problem for this situation is the breakdown of the backlight, its components, or even the matrix itself.

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What can you do on your own (without parsing)?

As you might have guessed, the reason for writing off the TV from the accounts may be the presence of problems in 1-2 stages. Even here, however, there are a few things you can try to fix the problem. In all subsequent stages, the chances of successfully restoring the device without costly repairs only increase.

What can you do with your own hands if the TV is broken:

  1. Check external power circuit elements . Now it is important to make sure that the outlet is 100% working. You also need to visually inspect the cable, if it is damaged, you can fix the problem with ordinary twisting and electrical tape.
  2. Restore Applications . If applications are not included from the main screen, you should go to their properties and clear the cache. In those situations where the expected result did not come, you can reinstall the application.

causes of TV breakdowns

  1. Reset TV to factory settings . In each model of technology, the procedure is slightly different, but in general it looks similar. We have instructions for resetting to factory settings in a separate article – how to reset the TV settings. After that, all data will disappear from the TV.

causes of TV breakdowns

  1. Reflash TV . TV firmware is the main solution to most serious system problems. You can install not only the proprietary, official operating system. Alternative firmware has been developed for some TVs with additional features or with unwanted applications cut out.

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Manual repair methods for people with basic skills in microelectronics

After completing the steps listed above, you should think about the availability of warranty service. It is important to know your rights, if the TV is under warranty, it is better to just send it in for repair. It’s free, no matter how expensive the restoration is. Typically, the warranty covers all physical damage, except for drops and moisture. After self-disassembly, the warranty is void.

How to repair a TV yourself:

  • Supply chain repair . The first thing to do is to check that the current reaches all consumers on the board. Using a multimeter, you need to find out at which node the voltage disappears, although it should be there. Do not forget to examine in more detail the state of the board in the power supply. Much more difficult if the energy does not come to some paws of chips and controllers or the voltage is weaker than it should be. But this can also be checked, only you need to take into account that often the current should appear at a certain moment, and not statically.
  • Restoration of damaged elements . Visual inspection will help identify faulty items. Not always, of course. However, the presence of areas with an uncharacteristic color, with deformed components, is a clear sign that something is wrong there.
  • Block repair . This includes the inverter block, signal processing, sweep, etc. If the board is checked and it is working properly, then you need to look for the problem in specific blocks.

causes of TV breakdowns

Unfortunately, we cannot give specifics, as the platforms are completely different. Only a general algorithm for finding the causes of a TV breakdown, the rest must already be done on a specific device.

When to contact the service center?

In situations where it is impossible to manually solve the problem, all that remains is to take the TV to a service center. To fix the images on the TV, they will replace the necessary board or repair it. For the simplest procedures for restoring the board, power supply and other blocks, they usually charge 2000-2500 rubles. If the TV screen 42 ”or more does not work, then another 500-1000 rubles should be added to this amount. On average, it comes out 3000-3500 rubles. More complex repairs cost up to 5000 rubles. At the same time, diagnostics are free if further repairs are carried out in this service. Otherwise, they can take 500 rubles (less often up to 1000 rubles).

There is a certain risk that the TV does not make sense to repair. For example, if the matrix is ​​u200bu200bdamaged or the board breaks beyond repair, the procedure is not practical. It is cheaper to buy a new TV than to install new, original components. Some kind of compromise is to find the same TV (or with the same component), which has a different breakdown, and transfer the spare part. It’s more risky.

We have done everything in our power: we have described the common causes of TV breakdowns, as well as all the possible ways to fix them on our own. Treat the material as a guide to a preliminary diagnosis, which, moreover, can save a lot of money if you can fix the problem yourself. But in case of a negative result, you will still know that you have done everything you could and can, with a clear conscience, take the TV to a service center.

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