The stripes on the TV in most cases indicate physical damage to some components. Some of them are quite fixable even on their own. However, I don’t want to give much hope, since most breakdowns are still provoked by more serious problems in the hardware component. Our current task is to understand the causes of various types of stripes on TV screens and describe in general terms how to eliminate these problems.


Causes of stripes on the TV screen

In general, stripes on the TV screen appear as a result of the following several breakdowns:

  • violation of contacts on the matrix cable;
  • damage to the batteries or image transmission to the matrix;
  • matrix failure.

This is a very general description. We will be more specific in the following paragraphs. However, the data should be taken as information only. It is possible to indicate exactly what exactly has broken down only if the TV is diagnosed. There are dozens of TV malfunctions that cause stripes of various colors and positions.

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Black (dark) stripes

It is important to say that on different types of TVs, the problem can be associated with various breakdowns. On TVs with kinescopes, black or dark stripes usually indicate a failure of the power supply. At the same time, on the plasma analogue, one can more often talk about damage to the X and Y blocks responsible for the vertical scan. But the failure of the matrix itself is not uncommon.

Causes of black bars on Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.:

  • Matrix failure . The most common reason for the appearance of stripes on the screen. Especially after impact or moisture. If any of the above took place, the problem is 95% in this.
  • T – CON board failure . The matrix controller fails much less frequently.
  • Failure of decoders . An even rarer breakdown, but at the same time not a rarity.

Stripes on TV

White or light stripes

Often light and white stripes on the TV appear as a result of poor contact, cable damage or problems with the antenna. You should first check that there are no visual defects. In this case, the white stripe can be either single or in several pieces.

Stripes on TV

Why do white (light) stripes appear on different TVs:

  • Plasma . With more luck, the image control unit “makes brains”. However, in most cases, the problem is still in the matrix.
  • LED and LCD . Unfortunately, in most cases you have to change the matrix. There may also be a problem in the control board, but less often.
  • Kinescopes . The stripes can even be diagonal. First of all, it is worth sinning for a malfunction of the scanner, but also the power supply can fail.

Colored (green, red, blue) stripes

The color bars on the TV screen are green, red, blue, yellow and others. We are not talking about the antenna, almost always hardware damage. If the image is distorted on kinescopes, most likely the problem comes down to the scanner or power supply.

Stripes on TV

Causes of green, blue and red stripes on LED, plasma and LCD TVs:

  • Matrix defect . A very expensive breakdown, usually even unprofitable to carry out. Exception – managed to find a donor.
  • Motherboard failure . In most cases, an experienced craftsman can find a damaged element and replace it. But here, how lucky.
  • Failure of the control unit . Repair is to replace it, but it is not very expensive.

There is some probability of a system breakdown: system, codec, video file. This needs to be checked first.

Narrow or wide stripes

The magnitude and type of interference are not the last value. Indirectly, the stripes on the TV suggest in which direction to dig.

Common causes of narrow bands:

  • Bad contact . Especially on the matrix cable. To fix the problem, you can try to fix it. However, disassembling a TV is potentially dangerous for those who do not have the proper skills in handling electronics.
  • Damage to the T – CON board . Replacement in the service center will cost adequate money – 1000-3000 rubles.

Why do wide bands appear on the TV:

  • Matrix breakdown . Unfortunately, this is the case in most cases. The repair is very expensive. It can even cost more than the TV itself. In new models – about 70% of the cost.
  • Failure of the element base . Transformers, microprocessors and other components can be damaged by vibrations as well as current surges. It is not very expensive to solve, but it can be difficult to find the problem.

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Vertical or horizontal

From experience, vertical stripes are more often associated with hardware-type breakdowns: boards, matrices, etc. At the same time, horizontal stripes on the TV mainly appear as a result of problems with the source. We can talk about a crooked file, poor contact on one of the connections, problems with the antenna, its cable.

Stripes on TV

Fickle stripes

There are stripes on the TV screen that do not appear constantly. These include

  • Interference when turning on the TV . They go away after some time. They can be software in nature, but quite often the problem is in the equipment. The good thing is that the defect is not in the matrix. It is solved by measuring the resistance of the key elements of the board and replacing the broken component.
  • Stripes with some regularity . With a frequency of a couple of seconds to several minutes. With a high probability, we are talking about a capacitor or a broken diode, transistor, etc.
  • Malfunctions after a while after switching on . Probably due to overheating. Maybe there is simply too much dust inside or the device is located above a heat source (radiator, hob, etc.). The problem is that when overheating to a certain level, irreversible consequences could begin, causing damage to the graphics or motherboard. Circuit components may also be damaged.

What to do with stripes on the TV screen?

You can remove the stripes on the TV, but the issue of price is important here. Not in all cases you can do something yourself. Of course, we will talk about relatively simple solutions. At the same time, it should be understood that with a high degree of probability you will have to contact a service center.

If we are talking about an old TV, the cost of which does not exceed 5 thousand rubles used on marketplaces, the repair will not make much sense. Even in a good scenario, it will come out 1-2 thousand rubles. If you are not lucky, you can only pay up to 1000 rubles and get an answer that repairs are expensive. At the same time, work with the matrix, replacing the motherboard can cost even more than the price of the device. Problems of medium complexity cost from 3-5 thousand rubles to 10,000 rubles.

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Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Here we discuss everything you can do at home to remove stripes on your TV. Mostly we will talk about system solutions and simple hardware failures. At the same time, the name of the manufacturer is not so important, even though it is Philips, even Samsung.

What to do to remove the damage on the TV:

  • Change aspect ratio . If we talk about black bars on the sides of the image, then it’s in the wrong format. You can change it in “Settings” in the “Video” section on the “Aspect Ratio” page. The most commonly used is 16:9.

Stripes on TV

  • Change source . It is likely that the problem is simply in the application, the file, or its format. For example, some TVs may incorrectly play video in a certain resolution: avi, mp4, etc. Even with the same format, the problem may be present in one video, and absent in another. It’s about the resolution, the number of frames per second or the audio codecs used. You just need to replace the file or application.
  • Check contact from source . If the TV is connected via HDMI, VGA or antenna cable, you need to remove and re-insert the cable. It is important to stick to the end. It is better to check in advance that there is no debris. Plus, the connector itself should not go from side to side.

Stripes on TV

  • Clean the housing from dust . You can not disassemble, but just walk with a vacuum cleaner or a can of compressed air. See what works best for the situation.
  • Do a factory reset . If there is an assumption about the systemic nature of the problem or you need to exclude it for sure, perform a factory reset.
  • Correct the cable contact on the matrix . The procedure requires the TV to be taken apart, which means you will void your warranty. Everything has to be done carefully. Usually you need to pick something thin and not very strong (to avoid damaging the case) on the frame in front of the screen or the cover on the back. Of course, unplug the TV beforehand. The cable that connects to the matrix should be disconnected and look at its condition. There should be no traces of oxides, physical damage, etc. If there is something, you should carefully remove everything superfluous. There may be a green or white coating here. Ideally, you still need to measure the resistance and check the circuit with a multimeter, but this is already more difficult.

Stripes on TV

Repair in the service center

It does not make much sense to describe in detail the work that the master performs. For us, as ordinary users, the result and the price are important. Here we describe only those types of repairs that are often prescribed by specialists, and their prices.

How much does it cost to eliminate stripes on the screen:

  • Replacing the board element . We pay most of the amount not for the replacement itself, but for troubleshooting. The price depends on the diagonal and the type of problem component. On average – 2000-4000 rubles.
  • T – CON board repair . The procedure will cost from 2000 rubles, and there it all depends on the service center and the city. In Moscow, they can take 5,000 rubles, but usually 3,000-4,000 rubles.
  • Troubleshooting X, Y, Logik board . It will also cost between 2000-3000 rubles.
  • Replacing the matrix cable . The work will cost from 2500 to 5000 rubles.
  • Repair or replacement of the power supply . The price depends on the model, starts from 2000 rubles. However, in the event of a replacement, the block itself will cost most of the amount and the price tag will be 5,000 rubles, or maybe more.
  • Matrix replacement . The matrix itself is often more expensive than the TV (if it is quite old). The cost of a component for modern TVs of recent years of production will be about 70% of the new device.

The above describes everything you need to know in case there are stripes on the TV. If there were any mechanical shocks, strong vibration or moisture got in, it is unlikely that you can do without a service center. In other cases, you can try the solutions listed. Only if nothing worked, then you already have to seek help.

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